Helmet disaster!!!

OK....so here I am cruising along to a big costume party on Friday, and I'm closing in on finishing up. I was working on my Mystery bucket, panting and detailing, when I turned my back, then took a blind step and accidentally knocked over the helmet. No biggie, except for the fact that I managed to crack off the left cheek area, which sent me freaking out.:angry The crack runs from the bottom corner of where the visor opening, ends on the left side, and follows all the way down the corner by where you would glue the ear piece. It's a terribly awkward spot to repair. I first tried super glue gel, and it failed miserably, so I moved on to 2-ton epoxy. That wasn't holding at first, and I felt panic starting to set in,:eek: but then I went ahead and put some more of the epoxy that I mixed extra that was starting to cure. That worked as it was far more tacky and held better.

I think when the epoxy dries for good it will hold OK, but does anyone have any suggestions for reinforcing the break from the inside. The only good thing about the break is that it's in a spot that doesn't hinder wearing the mask, so I can pretty much lay on any technique good and heavy. Please, any suggestions are very welcome and needed. Thanks in advance guys.
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I would reinforce the area with fiberglass & cloth. Might as well do the whole inside while you're at it. It should keep everything together. Just give the inside of the helmet a light sand with 80 grit first to key the area & give the resin something good to bond to.
Sorry to hear that man.

If you are familiar with fiberglass, go down to your local home depot and buy some resin and mat, also buy some bondo. Get the crack closed as much as you can and hold it together with tape or something and then fiberglass it from the inside. once the glass has cured apply bondo to what's left of the crack and sand.

Just my $.02.

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I echoe Sleezy's words too...ditto, but also try with the fiberglass cloth and resin to fix the problem, mixed with the other methods...one or the other should hold until you install the visor in place.

I know that feeling. My Father didn't trust the various smells coming from the basement, so he would "investigate" when I wasn't home (I was 22, I was no teenager :rolleyes ) So I get home one day and find my helmet on the basement floor, cracked! I had made it, so repairing it wasn't too dificult, but when I told my Mom, she said "Ya know I heard your father down there, I wondered what he was doing" Of course he denied it :angry But I know how upsetting it can be :p
Hey thanks for the advice and support guys. The two-ton epoxy seems to be holding pretty firm right now, but I'm not taking any chances. I'll be sure to shoot over to the Home Depot on my way home from work. Although I haven't worked with fiber glass stuff before, I'm sure I can make it serve purpose. There's been many things I haven't worked with before embarking on this little fett journey.:p Any advice on brands, techniques, precautions and what department I should head to when I get to Home Depot so I can grab a floor guy and get out as soon as possible. Thanks again guys, and shame shame on Fettcicle Sr. for being such a snoop. ;)
I'm not sure if it is the same at your home depot but at mine, the fiberglass supplies and bonod are on the end of one of the paint aisles. Just make sure you get a sales person who knows where it is. I probably asked 10 diffrent employees and none of them knew what i was talking about.
You can also check out your local auto parts store... IE.. Checkers, Auto zone, Pep Boys. etc.. They usually have a pretty good selection.. Not sure about the brand name though..

Damn!Sorry to hear that.
I dropped mine on the floor by accident, but it just bounced on the floor..No crack..-luckily
Hope you'll be able to repair it!

Good luck on getting it fixed! What a drag.

Only other thing I've seen is from MicroMark, it's powdered aluminum. Mix it up to a paste and spread it on. When dry, it can be sanded, tapped, drilled, etc. Always wanted to get some to see how it would work...
I also dropped and cracked my mystery helmet as well while building it. It was a small crack in between the visor and the right ear piece. I actually fixed it with super glue gel and reinforced it from the inside by gluing in the visor. Actually, I think the crack and resulting bit of damage just enhances the weathering of the helmet.
Man, what I wouldn't do to have just a crack. This sucker broke clean off. And it's such a terrible angle. I was seconds away from smashing the whole thing out of frustration. But I'm more passive than that thank god.

So I just got back from the Home Depot, and the stuff was right by the paints as mentioned. I got the cloth and the resin and I'm about to go to work on it right now. Hopefully I can post some pics when I get it all painted to show how it looks like nothing ever happened. Ofcourse I didn't take any pictures of the damage when it happened. I never want to see that sight again.:eek:
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