Helmet destroyed!!!!!


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I broke my DP 96 today, it fell and the wooden head I had in it helped break the back of it. Ripped right through the vinyl, cracked in several spots. Is glue going to hold the vinyl together? Or should I just scrap it and purchase a helmet from one of the talented board members? Damn this sucks!!!! I also broke the rangefinder, so now its in three pieces. If anyone is selling a FG helmet please PM me.
:eek: Sorry to hear that MP. That certainly does suck!

You could probably fix it up with glue/bondo, etc, but if it were me, I'd consider it a sign that OI should move away from DP's and go FG. ;)

Hope you get it sorted out soon.

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Look on the bright size, now you can go Custom Mandalore & already have your helmet look battle damaged to the max! :D Yea, go FG stay away from DP's, I'm not saying that the DP's suck, just that you'd be better off with a FG -
I used JB Weld to repair my DP '95 after it tipped over WHILE I WAS PAINTING IT. It fell off the work table about 2 and a half feet, and put a crack from the center of the left eye area, abotu eight inches to above the tally mark area.

I slathered JB Weld onto the seam, inside and outside the helmet and let it dry a couple days.

Afterwards, I sanded the outside seam with different grits of sandpaper until I got it smooth enough to be unnoticed after painting.

I had to start the painting process over again, of course.
I had my DP '95 helmet broke, but in this case was on it's way to MandalorianCostuming, to install the RF LED's, but somehow it got cracked in the left side of the head, by the dent, forming a big interrogation mark in the helmet. He fixed it with I believe was glue, bondo, and an extra piece of plastic underneath inside for support and strengh. It looks really good in my opinion after the big crack, which I though it will never be fixed, but he did. I'm in the process of customizing this one and paint it to sell it in the near future...ROTJ style.

ok, im a little confused, i've dropped my helmet ou of the truck about 3 feet, and it just bounces along happily on its way into traffice, making me save it , everytime...

what are these DP's made out of that they break? i thought they were vinyl like mine? guess not! lol....

incase you think i have a "normal" non-fiberglass helmet, think again...


i just widened the eye opening the other day too!
Hey Mindphunk,

Glue it with goop or expoxy....Then buy some fiberglass cloth,fiberglass resin, resin catalyst(hardener)and a one inch wide disposeable brush. With rough sandpaper sand inside of helmet and scuff it up, wipe inside of helmet
with a damp cloth. Mix your fiberglass resin with catalyst
then brush resin inside of helmet then place little squares
of fiberglass cloth through out inside of helmet. You want to repeat this over and over till you have 3 or 4 layers, also
work outdoors the smell is bad.

Once finished you have yourself a fiberglass helmet that you made yourself. Many automotive supply stores sell small fiberglass kits which will be fine also.
Thanks for the tips guys. I think I'll start sanding Monday and then patch the hole. I still want a fg helmet though. This just pushed the time frame ahead. Sucks to do all that work only to screw it up. I think that pissed me off more than anything. Back to square one.
Man Dps must be weak, or something.... My rubies has fallen several times, my Keyboard even fell on it and its still fine. Anywayz, I feel your hurt man. Good luck putin it back together again or finding a new one
Batninja's and FPoato's ideas are how I would go until you can get a cool fg jobby. I would use JB Weld on the crack and fg the inside to patch it up and reinforce it. It'll be a wee bit smaller on the inside, but at least will be wearable.

I dropped mine a few feet out of the truck and got a dent in the back. I just straightened it by hand right there. Aaah, metal....
Its fixed, thanks for the ideas guys, I thought it was headed to the trash. Got it patched up and reinforced. Most of it has been sanded so it will be time to paint again in a day or two.
I broke my dp 96 also... doing something incredibly stupid... which eventually inspired me to fix the large crack in the front mandable and make a custom helmet which i still havent finished yet... i used normal super glue to fix mine... even if the glue isnt strong enough paint that you use will help it stay together better.
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