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Lets hear your idea's for cooling a helmet down besides fans which only circulate old air. I had an idea going to use a small cpmouter cool pump that would fit in a pouch and had two hoses one for the helmet and another for the armor under the vest.


I had an idea of using something like that. They have a smaller pump in a computer store at Bestbuy here but its not on there website. It can be run from 2, 9 volts for a few hours according to the salesperson.
well, theres not a lot of room in the Fett helmet..But I do have enough room in my trooper helmet to put a freezer pak in the dome above my head...that will keep me cool for about 2hrs.
Our biker scout last night had this thing that goes around your neck he got from sharper image. Says it keeps him cool. He didnt take him helmet off but twice in the 3 hours we were in suit and I was hot, like HOT HOT. Think I might get one.
Can you post a link to the item? I have an idea of what your talking about but not 100% About the freezer pack, does water accumulate and run down your face, neck? I have a fan in my helmet and for about 2 hours was ok, then at the two hour mark I had to take my helmet off. I put it back on but still I would like to keep iy on for alot longer, the only other problem is my shuolders started to ache from the jet pack straps, and my pack only weighs 6 pounds? I guess I am just not used to it.
To be honest I have not worn my Fett for more than a few minutes to get things fitted so I am not sure about the Ice pack idea...I imagine you would get some condinsation from it.
I put one of these in my helmet when I was in Iraq. I put it in the freezer and it kept my head cool for hours in 110+ degrees heat. There is also a sweatband for it as well. Ideally, you need air flowing over it every so often so a little fan rig would really work good.

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