Helmet colors...are these right?


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I have as the basic colors for the Boba Fett helmet, according to BradleyFett:
-Rusty Red = Krylon Ruddy brown primer for the Visor outline and back (coin-slots).
-Spruce Green = Rustoleum Spruce Green for top, cheeks, ear pieces.
-Charcoal Green = Rustoleum Charcoal Green for areas between cheeks and visor (I'm using Hunter green instead, cause C.G is difficult to find).
-Dull Silver = Rustoleum Aluminum 7718, for range finder bottom and stern, middle area of right ear piece.
Black = (Krylon semi-flat black) for range finder.

Please, somebody let me know if I'm right or wrong and if any brand will do. Thinking about using the Rustoleum Burgundy instead of the Ruddy Brown Primer.
Those colors seem right...but if i were you i would wait a while because CL17 will be revealing the real colors of the helmet hopefully real sooooon.
I hope that the sooner the better. I can't wait until I start working on my '95 DP bucket and the other one as well. Please, keep me posted.
Spruce green seems to be about the best base green for the cheek/dome area, but unless you mist it w/ some light grey you may not be completely happy w/ the shade. Its a little "too" green! If you're doing ROTJ, then charcoal green is correct for the upside down U accents on the cheeks, if you're doing ESB, you might want to use flat black. Hope that helps a bit :)
I agree with the Charcoal Green, but I can't find it anywhere. I'll use Rustoleum Hunter Green instead, and probably with Flat Black dusted to get the color right. That's as of right now, but I'm gonna look this weekend for that specific color. I'll keep you posted.
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