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I was wondering if anyone may have this done to their helmet. I notice in MOW special ebay auction he had leather chin straps installed in his helmet, but no pictures of it. I am thinking of doing this. Thoughts anyone? I know one of the cons would be not being able to take your helmet off and on quickly, but I am hoping the pros outweight the cons.
Personally, I don't think you really need one, but the original ESB bucket did actually have one. I think Tyler D has a pic of it. If I remember correctly, we were thinking it was a chin strap from a jockey helmet???? I was thinking of doing the chinstrap on mine, but decided it would be to much of a pain in the butt to get the bucket on & off as you suggested. If you've got a good hard hat liner or similar set up in your bucket, it should stay put just fine without the chin strap.
oh yes the one that Tyler D has is the one on the reference CD? If so I have seen it.
I was hoping to see if anyone has actually made one, or something close to it.
Here is the original thread with the chin strap info:


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