helmet and costume color variations???

i was just wondering what everyone thought of this.I had thought of doing a regular boba fett helmet and costume but then i got to looking at other peoples mini pics and they had red and blue bobas,blue and grey bobas and i was wondering if red and black would look cool because i used to play warhammer and all of my guys were red and black or black and red so i was wondering what u guys thought of that.(i know im getting myself into trouble for all u guys who post short messages just so u can get a post for ur post score)
Hrmmmmmm... for some reason I'm thinking

Wolf's Dragoons - Natasha Kerensky's Warhammer, Widowmaker.

There was a guy on here that did a black and silver colored Fett bucket and it looked alright...

Its really a question of preference...

Do you want to be Fett (authentic) or do you want to be an obscure but equally talented Mandalorian warrior from days gone by?

Not to step on any toes here :rolleyes, but it seems that most of us start out with the intention of replicating one of the major Fett armor styles (Pre-pro, ESB, ROTJ, Pre-Pre-Pro, Albino ..... and so on) But after investing in a few major Items (helmet, Jet pack, and armor) The rest of the suit's little details start to become negotiable. People find that sticking with a specific Fett suit is either time consuming, or it is hard to duplicate and acquire all the pieces needed to replicate a specific style adequately. At this point, in order to complete a suit, one begins to improvise and replace parts (Boots, jumpsuit, weaponry, armor pieces) with those inconsistent with parts of a recognized Fett ensemble while attempting to maintain the Mandalorian theme ... these suits are commonly referred to as "Custom" Mandalorians. With "custom" Mandalorians, it's basically a free for all :lol: and you can make it what ever you want, I'm not sure what percentage of "original" pieces you need to have (Mostly the helmet and armor) to be considered a Mandalorian, But there are some pretty creative alternative "customs" out there ;)
Who'd do that? :p
But seriously, ;)
I think a red and black Mandelorian would be neat.
Like a Red helmet with DRK Grey Mandibles and Black upper cheeks? Maybe? Weathered of course. You don't want a nice and shiney Mandalorian. unless he works in an Office. :p
Study All the different colors on the Boba Costumes and Use other colors too.
Especialy on the jet pack! As Boba Has proven, Not everything on a Mandalorian has to be the same color. :)
Run Wild with it.
Good Luck!
Let me know if I can help you with a custome Ammo Belt ;)
Robert E.
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