helmet and costume color variations???

i was just wondering what everyone thought of this.I had thought of doing a regular boba fett helmet and costume but then i got to looking at other peoples mini pics and they had red and blue bobas,blue and grey bobas and i was wondering if red and black would look cool because i used to play warhammer and all of my guys were red and black or black and red so i was wondering what u guys thought of that.(i know im getting myself into trouble for all u guys who post short messages just so u can get a post for ur post score)


Hrmmmmmm... for some reason I'm thinking

Wolf's Dragoons - Natasha Kerensky's Warhammer, Widowmaker.

There was a guy on here that did a black and silver colored Fett bucket and it looked alright...

Its really a question of preference...

Do you want to be Fett (authentic) or do you want to be an obscure but equally talented Mandalorian warrior from days gone by?



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Not to step on any toes here :rolleyes, but it seems that most of us start out with the intention of replicating one of the major Fett armor styles (Pre-pro, ESB, ROTJ, Pre-Pre-Pro, Albino ..... and so on) But after investing in a few major Items (helmet, Jet pack, and armor) The rest of the suit's little details start to become negotiable. People find that sticking with a specific Fett suit is either time consuming, or it is hard to duplicate and acquire all the pieces needed to replicate a specific style adequately. At this point, in order to complete a suit, one begins to improvise and replace parts (Boots, jumpsuit, weaponry, armor pieces) with those inconsistent with parts of a recognized Fett ensemble while attempting to maintain the Mandalorian theme ... these suits are commonly referred to as "Custom" Mandalorians. With "custom" Mandalorians, it's basically a free for all :lol: and you can make it what ever you want, I'm not sure what percentage of "original" pieces you need to have (Mostly the helmet and armor) to be considered a Mandalorian, But there are some pretty creative alternative "customs" out there ;)


Who'd do that? :p
But seriously, ;)
I think a red and black Mandelorian would be neat.
Like a Red helmet with DRK Grey Mandibles and Black upper cheeks? Maybe? Weathered of course. You don't want a nice and shiney Mandalorian. unless he works in an Office. :p
Study All the different colors on the Boba Costumes and Use other colors too.
Especialy on the jet pack! As Boba Has proven, Not everything on a Mandalorian has to be the same color. :)
Run Wild with it.
Good Luck!
Let me know if I can help you with a custome Ammo Belt ;)
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