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Just wanted to introduce myself since I've been lurking for the past few days :)

This is my first ever attempt at a costume and I had to go and pick a challenging one! This project has prompted me to learn how to fiberglass/make things I've never even thought about before so it's a bit daunting but you all seem like a helpful bunch. The terminology is sometimes confusing but that's because a). I'm new to this and b). I'm in the UK so that might be the problem.

I only have one question (so far). I have two darkish brown 3/4 length leather jackets that I found in my Nans attic. Will that be enough leather for this project and will getting them purple be a problem since they're so dark? I know, that's two questions :p

Oooo, I've come over all excited
Well you have sure picked a daunting costume to do. I am sure you will get more help, but I will start off some now.

To answer your question. It would likely be enough leather to make the vest, but the problem is that the learther for those jackets is allready died and sealed. So to get a new dye to take will be difficult. I have heard there is a way to break down the sealer which is what prevents a redye from working right. I recommend you really take the time to track down a local leather shop and speak with them. They may be better help as I am not an expert with Leather myself.

Now since you mentioned Fiberglass and sinc eI have been working with it for a few years doing repairs to my sailboat I can give you a good reference to a book that will be a worth while reference. I had to find mine used since the book is out of print, but Amazon.com is great for that. The following is the book information:

The Fiberglass Manual
A practical guide to the use of glass reinforced plastics
by: Keith Noakes

Well good luck.

Thankyou for the pointers. I'll need to check around for a leather shop but I'm sure there are some where I am moving to. There has to be one. I had a feeling redying might be a problem. Thanks again :)
You know... I think Zam must be the hardest costume in the world to make! ;)

Seriously though, there is LOTS of info on these boards about making the costume, the parts, how-to's etc. And if you don't see it... just ask! Someone around here is bound to be an expert on the subject! (nods to Zam I Am and MonCal!).

Regarding the leather, honestly, it would be much easier to get some new white leather (pigskin if I remember correctly - there is a whole thread on the subject) and use it for the vest. Perhaps the found brown leather can be used as the lining leather? You might also be able to use it on part of the holster...

Welcome to the TDH and Good Luck!
Well, speaking from experience I wish you luck in your endeavors ;) I know that those here, including myself, will do our best to help you if we can. I am by no means an expert... ( thanks Maulmaus for the vote of confidence :) ) .. but I have learned a lot by both research and trial and error. I agree about checking with a leather shop / expert in regards to the re-dying issues. I know little about it truthfully. There is a cobbler here locally who says they can redye any leather any color so I'm guessing it is possible, you just gotta learn the tricks :)

The thing is, if it is a lot of work it might not really be cost effective to re-dye the leather you have as opposed to buying some white lambskin and airbrush dying it once you've got the parts sewn. This adds to the accuracy too because the real suit shows the white lines from the white leather showing thorugh ... suggesting it was sewn and then dyed..... that is just a thought though :)
Lambskin!! Yeah... that's it *duh!* Should remember paying for it! ;) Pigskin was for the veil and cloak thingy!.... Which is why MonCal is an expert in this... and not me! ;) :D
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