Hello, newb here.

300ZX Fett

New Hunter
I'd just like to say hello to my fellow Fett lovers. I'd like to get cracking on my own costume Fett (ROTJ). I've loved Star Wars ever since I was a kid and had a bounty hunter deck when the SWCCG was out and as only up to ROTJ. Since I started college I kinda stopped with Star Wars, I used to have a wall of Fett with a signed hat, figure, watch, and Nintendo Power ad of Shadow of the Empire with Fett on it among other things. Lately my car has drained my funds and I still would like to do my engine swap with about 500 HP to wheels (I've est 7K). Anyways I'd like to know about how much you spent total on the costume and if there is any advice you have. I don't want to cheap out if at all possible, because knowing me it will cost more in the long run. I would like to finish this before next Halloween if I could.

Thank you,
Ben, welcome to the boards! I can tell you from experience that you are going about this the right way. I've spent about $3000 over the last eight or nine years, upgrading when I found something better, then upgrading again.

I sold my finished costume a couple years ago for less than half what I spent on it, and am starting the next one from the ground up. This time, I know exactly where I'm going to get the best bang for my buck. I hope to be able to do this costume for around $1500, give or take.

These are a great group of folks, and will answer any questions that you have...if you corner them and beat them with a stick. Just kidding. :)

Again, welcome!
Welcome to TDH. :)
I have about $800 total into a custom white Mandalorian costume so far. It would have been a LOT more without the help of a few of the boards members and all the great info i have found.
Search the forums. Ask questions. Any and all things Fett as well as Zam can be found here. (y)

Droolin over the pics of that 300Z :love :love

Welcome aboard.
I'd also put a conservative price of $1500.
but then again, it helps to know people.
Your best bet (if you'd like to do this cost-effectively) is to make your own parts, then sell them to others.
this gets your name out there, cuts costs & makes you new friends.
Just make sure that what you make is high quality.

Nice Z by the way.
Welcome aboard.

Even though this Fett does have a Vette, My license plate used to be zxwing on my 90' TT which was heavily modified by Millen.
Welcome man! I see you're in Florida like me. Are you in, or planning on joining the 501st? If you don't know the boards site, its www.fl501st.com . As for price, everyone has been pretty much right, it can range from $1000-$2000 depending on what you do yourself and such. But with that much into it, you should have an awsome Fett!
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