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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by malskelton, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. malskelton

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    Hi guys

    Just joined the forum today - wanted to say hello and offer my admiration and congratulations on the many amazing builds I've seen already

    The reason I found my way here and why I've joined is to utilise the skills and knowledge held within this community

    I am an autograph collector first and foremost with aspirations of building myself some costumes - in the last sixth months I've been collecting Original Trilogy autographs on a Hasbro Black Series Stormtrooper helmet I picked up in Florida .... but in December I have the opportunity to meet Jeremy Bulloch and Daniel Logan and decided to rescue my old Don Post Fett helmet from the attic to get signed

    I understand that the DP isn't very accurate - but it was a gift from my parents back in 1995 during the SW dark times and for that reason I'd like to integrate it into my growing autograph collection by getting Jeremy and Daniel to sign it ( and then adding others like Temuera or Dickey Beer in the future )

    The issues I have are that like many others it has warped over time and the visor is basically rubbish .. I am looking at threads to find advice on putting these two things right

    I assume many people have had to deal with DP warping - are any of these documented or videoed so that I can see how people have done it successfully ....

    I have seen visor replacement videos but again, is there a specific size visor or brand that is recommended. I don't want to spend the time and effort making the paintwork accurate - I understand the limitations of this bucket but the connection to my family and long standing collection trump those limitations ... however I will eventually achieve a worthy helmet to display alongside this signed version

    Thanks guys

    Love your work

    Mal Skelton
  2. DanzoFett

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    Welcome dude...
  3. Funkyred

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    Hello and welcome, based on the uk myself . If you have any questions about sourcing bits please don't hesitate to pm me.
    Good luck with your build
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    Another UK Fetthead! Welcome mate...
  5. Hames13

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    Greetings from across the pond!
  7. Ghost_Fett

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  8. hvacdon

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    Welcome !! There are some postings with DP helmets. You might field some searches for them and see what's on the site...

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