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Hello everyone. I am a new member to this forum so firstly I'd like to introduce myself.

My name is Eifion, Im 23 from Wales in the UK and I am a huge Star Wars fan. I am a proud owner of a set of Stormtrooper armor and Ive recently been thinking of adding to my collection.

To kick off my Boba fett costume, Im currently searching for a high quality, movie sized Bucket either in kit form or fully finished, replicating the Empire Strikes Back version.

I am asking for the boards advice on this matter because Im not sure which helmet to go for and where to source them. The choice of helmets is quite staggering . . and confusing lol. Having read through this forum over the last few days I have learned that the Marrow Sun, Movie-Size-Helmet, Mystery-Helmet and MLC helmets are amongst the best to go for. IM sure this has been asked a thousand times before here but your input on this would be much appreciated.

I have also stumbled across Bobamakers website and I am giving serious thought to ordering his helmet because it looks very nice, and screen-accurate too which is important to me :). Does anyone here own a bobamaker helmet?

If you would like to contact me regarding a helmet vendor/source feel free to send me a message or email me at eifionevans@talk21.com

Many thanks in advance and I look forward to contributing to this great forum
I think you just missed one on eBay it was really great looking, I am afriad you will have to either look on eBay or here to find one because it all random when people might sell one.
All of the helmets you listed are very highly regarded, so it will come down to a matter of personal prefrence. My prefrence is the Marrow_Sun, which is a fiberglass version of the Mystery Helmet. This helmet is widely believed to have a direct relation to one of the original helmets, and in my opinion, is the most accurately shaped. The rest of the helmets are all original sculpts by their respective artists. Some people with larger heads prefer the MLC helmets because of their size. The MSH and MSH2 are both extremely impressive, though hard to come by as there were few made. The BobaMaker helmet looks impressive as well, though I have not seen one painted up yet. Basically, I don't think you can go wrong with any of those helmets, just depends on what you need or want.

Also, beware of the recasted "Mystery" helmets on ebay. From what I have seen of those, they are made with inferior quality materials, and sometimes cost more than a real Mystery helmet from one of our members here. My suggestion would be to buy from a member of this board.
I would tend to agree with C*E*N*O*B*Y*T*E. I made the mistake of purchasing a fiberglass helmet from ebay. It's great for display but not very sturdy contruction and bout as small as the rubies inside(tho bigger outside). I ordered a MS2 from Marrowsun and haven't gotten yet(not complaining) so I can't personally vouch for this. However, I have seen nothing but good reviews on all of the one's C*E*N*O*B*Y*T*E mentioned. I just wish I had found this forum before I began my Fett quest so your on the right track! Good way to start off on your Fett quest!!! 8)
Yeah I'm with Mason on this one. Much as I really like the stuff I have ordered from the US (not just S. Wars) it's always tears of joy turning to tears of unhappiness when you realise your stuff has arrived but then Mr Post Man says "that will be an extra £35 Customs before I can hand it over please" !!
Stay away from ebay unless you know the seller, just dont buy a helmet from some yahoo. Id stick with BM I have most armor parts from him and I just put in an order for a helmet. Good stuff and he's close to you.
well I was about to recommend a Bobamaker and give a link to my thread but you allready found it :)

it's even a better bucket for an ESB version, as it has a few ESB details like the wavy brow etc.

great guy to work with 2 !! :)
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