Hello from Kentucky


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Hey guys I just joined the forum today with a possible interest in building my own Boba. This year I joined the 501st with a TK and I really loved the challenge and I’m considering moving up to the most famous bounty hunter in the galaxy.


Ah I'm from Louisville myself. Make sure you do plenty of research on which version of the costume you want to do and reference the photo gallery for screen accurate photos. Good luck on the build!


Welcome ! Hope you start a build and post your progress pics. As Drax mentioned, do a lot of research and look at all the build threads you can find !!


Welcome! I'm in Northern KY, though I do know of an up and coming ESB Boba and an approved ROTJ - both in Lexington.
Since you are in Kentucky, are you a member of the "Bluegrass Garrison 501st Academy" on Facebook?


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Hey there, fellow kentuckians. I’m around Florence! Also working on a boba helmet. Maybe more if it goes well.