Heating the back of the jet pack?


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Heating the back of the jetpack?

I cut out the sheet of plastic that covers the back of the pack, and how should I heat it? I don't have a big enough pot to boil it in.. If I were to lay it in the oven for a little bit, how would that work? Anyone have any ideas for me? (I have to heat it to let it bend to the curve of the pack)
Hi Blastech.

Maybe hold a two-bar electric heater over it?

Or - there was a great suggestion on RPF the other day - an Aussie guy uses a barbeque, gets the coals to char down nice and even, then holds the frame over it. Says it takes about 10 seconds till the plastic gets real soft and floppy. You could make a tin shield/box to keep the heat in and stop the breeze from cooling it off. (Mind you, Aussies probably have their BBQ's inside!) :)

(Just kidding, in case there's any Aussies reading this!)
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You can heat it only a side at a time. It might work if you buy the biggest, cheapest pot you can find.
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Hell, just put it in the oven. :) Seriously--that's how I heat up my styrene for vacuforming. Just make sure the oven is on bake, not broil. Bake gives you a longer heat up time, and heats from the bottom. I usually heat the oven to about 400 degrees--that takes 8-10 minutes. Make sure you wear oven mitts though--you know, the heat and all. :)
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Ship it to Vegas, I'll stick it in the car for an afternoon :)

The bbq doesn't sound too bad. I used the burner on the stove for my chest plates :)

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Heat gun works wonders.. I mean you put it over the plastic.. it makes it flimsy in seconds... and it doesn't take much to do a big piece of plastic.. as it stays frigin' hot for about a minute as you go along and do the rest of the piece... I think the guns are pretty cheap.
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I swear by the Wagner heat stripper gun that I bought at WalMart. I think I paid ~$22 for it. I can't imagine messing around with boiling water or an oven... ;)
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Please make sure any area you heat up plastic in is vell wentilated. Well ventilated.
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