Hasbro Black Series Supertrooper Protoype Boba Fett Helmet

Mythos Fenn

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Yeah nothing some sand paper and spot putty couldn't fix. As is, this bucket would be excellent to use as a blank canvas, specially for custom Mandos or those looking to build a Deathwatch Mando for sure - the price is hard to beat with the added fact of the built in lights


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Those pics are probably just the prototype, the box pic looks smooth. Wait until the actual thing comes out before judgment.

Not sure if you saw this earlier in the thread, but according to Hasbro the texture is staying.


Will the proto Boba Fett helmet be using the same mould as the original The Black Series Fett lid? You can see the sculpted weathering on the cheeks in the images you released last Friday.


Due too tooling costs, only the dome will be new, to remove the sculpted yet iconic dent in the helmet. The rest of the parts are reused, so any sculpted weathering will be present.