Has anyone got any dims or drawings of the gaunlets


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i am after some drawings, images to help me make some gaunlets for a friend who doing a Jango costume and he has asked me to make some templates for him.

If anyone can help me please leave comments or email me the information i need as ill redo these on autocad.

if you have good side on and top/bottom views on these gaunlets please email me


Sorry, no help in this reply, but if you're able to share any templates you draw up, feel free.

I've been in the process of trying to cobble together some cardboard/foambord/Sintra/Chewing gum gauntlets for weeks. I had just decided it was impossible when I saw yours (which are great!).

I'm now determined to make them, but have no more talent than I did when I gave up. Any help here would be great!


Sorry Scout, just realised the cardboard gauntlets I refered to in my post above were Fett-UK's. I knew you were both here in the UK and got confused. Come on, it was Sunday morning when I posted.

Sorry :eek:

well i have had a good response for these templates via email
and have been sent loads of pics to work from and should have them done hopefully by the end on the month


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