Happy Mandoween!!!


Just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween!

My suit is almost finished...just waiting on my belt/bandoliers (Delta Leather) with aluminum parts (JJ Industries).

Wore it to work yesterday with my daughter in her Baby Yoda suit :)

Big shout out to Sean (Nomad Props) for all of the armor pieces, weapons, sound rig, etc - truly AMAZING craftsmanship!! My expectations were pretty high, but when the pieces arrived - I was blown away at the quality.

His helmet blows EFX and Anovos out of the water, both in terms of screen-accuracy, and overall quality. The inside lining of the helmet is absolutely incredible! Thanks Sean!

Also, a shout out to Steven Walker for the suit, vest, cape, etc. - truly a master of his craft! Thanks Steve!

Boots and gloves by Crow Props - also PERFECTION! Thanks Giovanni!!

I'll post some more pics after tonights festivities!

Please - everyone share some Halloween pics on this thread!!




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Looks awesome, Jimmy2guns!!
Thanks brother! Can't wait to see how yours will finish off.
You'll be completely happy with Delta Mike's leather goods when you get them. A little weathering makes them look amazing. I just need to upgrade to metal parts...