Han Hunter\'s MLC2 bucket with a Micke RotJ paint job

Han Hunter

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Han Hunter's MLC2 bucket with a Micke RotJ paint job

Just like it says in the title really.

I'm as pleased as punch.

Many many thanks to Mardon and Micke

*EDIT* here's a mini-tutorial by Micke about how he carried out the work:

Micke said:
1.Bucket arrived. Very lightweight sturdy fiberglass casting. Very close sizewise to the MSH helmet. The key-slots were already cut out and no cleanup were needed. I glued on the earpieces on with a strong 2 part epoxy glue and sprayed it with some grey primer. The inside were spray painted Black.

2.I did a groove in the RF in order to attach the Stalk and glued in the clear RF piece. 2 holes were drilled on the top in order to fit 2 LED’s in there.

3.The main colors were custom mixed and painted on with a waterbased paint called Gouache. At this point the colors looks too bright, but the clearcoat that are gonna be added later will tone down the colors and make them appear darker.

4.Silverscratches are drawn on using 2 Pilot super color silver pens. I used 1 with a thin tip and another one with a little thicker tip.

5.I gently misted the helmet with some primer and black spray paint in order to dirty up the helmet.

6.The earpieces are masked and spraypainted with a Grafitti chrome spraypaint and then dulled with some steel-wool.

7.I used acrylic and water to dirty up the ear-pieces. I dipped some paper towels in the paint and applied it and after it dried, wiped some of it away.

9.Applied a dull clearcoat, making the silver areas appear less shiny and making the colors darker.

I really am so pleased with this. It's nice to have something turn up with all the hard work done. The colours and the damage look really very good IMO. Better in person, too.

Micke was a joy to work with on this, kept me updated throughout with progress pics etc. He even sprayed the inside black to help combat light ingress.

I would recommend his work if you were thinking of getting someone else to paint your bucket. Very reasonable cost too considering he spent the best part of 10 days on it! PM me for further details if you'd like.


Hope you like.




Lookin good Si :D
what with that helmet and you're MLC armour you'll blow em away at MEM.

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Thanks guys!

Neil, yeah the servo is in there. The RF LED's are non-functioning at the moment. I just couldn't bring myself to hack it about that much after just getting it. Maybe at a later date.

Jon, Armour thread now up HERE so you can check it out yourself ;)

Hope to get it ready for approval by the UKG in time for mem.

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Looks nice, how about a pic with you wearing it just to get a feel of the MLC2 dimensions.
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Here is a couple of images that hopefully will show the size;)





MSH on the left, MLC2 in the middle and Mystery helmet on the right:

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Thanks Mikael. Very helpful.

Great comparison shot at the end there, too. First time those three have been seen together, I think!

Jeez, you're younger than I thought (pic 5), or is it the Norwegian air quality that keeps you looking so youthful :lol:


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Is it just my eyes or is the MLC2 the same size as the Mystrey helmet? Does that mean that the normal MLC helmet is huge?
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No not huge (unless your Mirax :p ). I think there is about 1/2" on all sides difference (so it's an inch or so narrower, shorter etc. I have both my MLC2 and my old MLC1 (now belongs to someone else, but I have it to paint it) at home so will post some pics to compare those.

MLC1 always was marginally bigger than MSH. This was discussed in the original MLC bucket thread ages ago.


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Han Hunter:
Jeez, you're younger than I thought (pic 5), or is it the Norwegian air quality that keeps you looking so youthful

:lol: If that only was the case..That's my step-son..He insisted to be in that pic:) You should see him with the helmet on :D

Thanks a bunch guys!!

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Great helmet and cant wait to see your costume at mem in november

Mikael absolutely excellent paint job

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