Hairline Crack: Need some advice on how to best repair


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My MS fiberglass helm has a small hairline crack forming at an inside corner of the visor cut out.

The yellow line I drew represents the crack, as it doesn't show up well in pics. (Time to invest in a macro lens I guess!)

The crack goes all the way through to the other side. If I flex the mandible a tad, it really shows and threatens to crack more. This will not be a good thing when it comes time to bend the helm for visor install.

So what can I use here? Bondo? Or is there some other stuff recomended to fix FG helms?

Thanks much.

You could epoxy the crack & add some reinforcement on the inside. Unfortunately, without the visor installed, this is a weak area of the helmet & at least one of the movie helmets shows signs of a repair made in the same manner. So in other words, if you're going for accuracy....:lol:
What type of epoxy should I look for? Anything specific, or just plain all purpose stuff?

In regards to reinforcing the interior of the helm, like the entire inside, what are some good methods? I seem to recall seeing a spray-can type solution to give a quick re-enforcing coat to the entire interior.

Sorry for the newb questions, I have just never worked with fiberglass before and don't wanna mess this up. :p

I'd go for a two part epoxy. Either the 2-ton epoxy, or the Plastic Welder, which I've had great success with. The Plastic Welder is super strong, and sets really fast, within a few minutes.
I had the same problem with my original MS helmet. What I did was install the visor and then filled the crack with bondo. Of course I had to mask off the inside and outside of the visor when I painted the helmet, but that wasn't a big problem, and the crack never reappeared.
I'm a fan of the "overkill" repair methods....That being said,I would used KrazyGlue on the inside and outside generously. Then I would use JB Weld on the inside of the helmet. After that it will be as strong as new,or stronger.:D

DL44 Blaster said:
.....Then I would use JB Weld on the inside of the helmet. After that it will be as strong as new,or stronger.:D

Ooh, JB Weld! I forgot about that stuff.

Thanks everyone for tips. I should be squared away.
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