Hairdryer? Who knew?

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I just wrapped up my new shoe armor made form Sintra for my Jango costume. I discovered that I had accidentally warped it while painting it and had to think fast so I could paiint it without ruining the snaps and elastic. I was in the bathroom, looked over and grabbed the hairdryer. Who knew that a hairdryer could get hot enough to make the sintra pliable again? It worked wonders and now I have new replacement shoe armor because I marched my old shoe armor off at the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Detroit. So remember kids, a hairdryer isn't only for your hair anymore, it's a piece that belongs in the workshop!
I knew I knew!!! I used it on my first back plate made from sintra cause it was too big to get in a pot of boiling water. I have also used it on my ABS armor as well to help shape it instead of a heat gun.
ok this have nothing with prop
but i use the hairdryer in winter
to dry jeans :eek:, yes sound funny but its tru
when i want to wear a jean and still wet
grab you HD and put in one of the legs, close
all the holes and start, its amazing the fast you can
dry a couple of jeans ;)

pd: sorry for this :lol:
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you wont believe it but i used the hairdryer to

dry my Hair :))
Yes, i used it to dry my Hair - Lol -



P.S. Sry, i know what you mean and its realy a usefully tool ;-).
don´t get it wrong, i realy love you all.
I never used the boiling water to bend my sintra because I dont have any pots big enough to hold what I have. Plus I have two little ones that are very snoopy and I don't want them getting hurt by the boiling water. I used a heat gun which works great. LisaFett told us a while back about using heat guns is very dangerous because it releases a hydrochloric acid fume from the sintra.:eek:
So....I take my sintra outside the house and hit them with the heat gun. I always wondered about a hair dryer but never used it on sintra. I don't know if one will be that hot enough to release any fumes....but in an emergency situation it looks to be the perfect item to have. I guess it would be wise to take it outside instead of inside like the bathroom just to be safe from fumes.
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