guess who just got their brand new Rex Adams Jet Pack?


I did! It looks amazing and I can't wait to get started on the painting process. Check out the pics.

as for the last two pics, I'm happy because I got the jet pack, but sad becuase I STILL haven't heard anything from StarFortressProductions in over two weeks!

:jet pack







That pack looks fantastic!! Could you share some info. as to it's construction? It looks like LFL made the interior.

looking at the inside of your jet pack gave me an idea. A guy could put a container inside to hold some dry ice, and it could mist from the vent in the effect..just a thougt
Woooo-Hoooo! Glad you like it!!! But, I cannot take but a smidgen of credit for the Jet Pack. It is a MLC :jet pack all the way! Mardon's da man!


take care all,


I been waiting almost a year to see a MLC jet pack

Thanks for the pictures, looks great.
Make sure you post new ones when its painted.

Now what is your address so I can steal it ? J/k
May I suggest doing a keyword search on "StarFortress" using advance search here on all forums.

Read what some people have to say about them.

Personally I do not know anything about StarFortress
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Guys, I can't agree more with fettenvy...these packs are amazing! I recently got mine and the quality has to be seen to be believed! I still might change/add a few minor parts on it, but that doesn't lessen the pack in any way. Wicked fine details and overall accuracy as well as solid, quality construction and design. M&R are making Fett a reality for so many of us who never would have had the capability otherwise. Serious thanks goes to the NoCal guys. :cheers
I got mine about a couple weeks ago and it looks fantastic! I just started on it recently and have the chrome undercoat on it. I'm trying to borrow a camera as mine was stolen recently, but I'll get some progress pics up for critique. Thanks again Rex, it's going to make my first suit look most excellent.


Glad you like it!! Mardon and I strive to put out a excellent product w/ virtually nothing to do to it before painting the :jet pack :)

A huge JP order went out two days ago, guys be checking your doorsteps!!

Check this out:

Okay, no links, just a cool pic...not often you seen 10 :jet pack just laying there...

:D :eek: 8)

jet packs.jpg

take care all,

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