guantlets i need some


thornar fett

Hello all

I am new to the whole thing have always wanted to make a suit. At 30 i thought it would be a good time to start. I made my first fett rifle this weekend and though is is not near as good as what i see here i am happy that it even looks like what it should. i know i can get the armor on ebay and i can sew and paint just fine. I really have no clue where to start with the guantlets.

it seems most of you buy a kit but i can not find anything on the net or ebay about guantlet kits. If anyone is selling or has a link or email to help me find a kit please help me out thank you.
I just purchased an ROTJ gauntlet kit from Ruffkintoy for only $100, which is cheaper than any quality kit on EBAY I've seen. You might send a PM his way. Welcome!
Sleezy, remember not to post the username of people in the threads. That kind of info should be sent through PM's.

Keep the the threads safe. :)
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