Great Zam Shoes!

Rence Shecal

New Hunter
Just purchased my Zam shoes on ebay and I think they are going to look really great. Was wondering what others thought? <be gentle>

I saw the suggestions about the Pradas but just didn't want that high a price tag so I went looking for other shoes also made with a similliar type of Vibram sole. Right now on Ebay, a seller has some Uggs, just like the ones I bought. They either have a sueded tan top (which is what I went for because it will take color so easily) or are brown leather. Fully fleece lined, they are uber comfy and can be worn bare foot or with socks in winter or summer. Natural sheep fleece has some great properties. Plus they are slip on so have no lacing or zippers to cover up and atm are only about $90 U.S. w/o shipping. Cheaper than pradas any day! Just type in Uggs and Vibram together in the Ebay search and they should come up.

Zam Shoes
I used something just like that for my wife's Zam shoes. They took purple leather dye well, and looked very good, with a few mods. However, because they are not boots, the foot part of the leg armor started to hurt the top of my wife's feet. I fixed the problem by adding the soft side of some sticky backed velcro to the inside edge of the footpiece that was bothering her. It seems to be working well. :)
I think they'll work - even if not entirely accurate on the sole. The only problem I saw was with the shin armor and how the shoes would work with that.

Let us know how you get it to work out! :)
Yeah, the ankle gaurds actually kill your ankle when you are in them all day. I wear modified shoes too and ya really need some foam or triple uber thick socks or something. I was so lucky my shoes were a size 8 so that I could make sure to super sock up.
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