Got My RA Armor Today



Just got my armor today from RA, and tomorrow i start cutting , sanding and painting. The armor and guantlets are top notch. Good thing I have a Scout Trooper Outfit to wear, because there's no way I'm getting this done by Halloween. Anyone else have the RA armor, could you post some pics. I 'd love to see how it looks all painted and detailed.
thanks Jay


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Yeah I just got some of his armor recently , and finished it up... it is so easy to sand & work with, I'm really happy wit how it turned out...Thanks again RA! :cheers I'll put pics of mine up on soon


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Here's a pic with me and Zam I Am. It isn't Boba armor but Jango armor from RA. He does great work with the Jango stuff too.

-Jango Steve