Glueing Problems


Ok, I have some glueing problems. Here is my issue I bought some resin type of glue. It comes in two parts, resin and hardner. I mixed the two together with about equal parts of resin and hardner. I patched a hole on my Jet pack, it worked great. I glued my thrustors together, it worked great. But when it came to glueing my caps together not so much. I glued part of cap A to part of cap B. I used the same resin type of stuff, the caps are made out of resin, so I think that it should have worked. But I did this on Monday evening, the hole in the packed tried in four hours, the rockets dried in four hours. But the caps, still not dry, it ha been about a day and a half. How much longer should it take to get hard, or will it ever get hard. If it doesn't get hard what approach should I take to get that glue off. At the current state the clue fells like chewed chewing gum. Also what type of glue should I use in the future. Please tell me the exact product name and were to get it. The people at Home Depo said that the stuff I got was good stuff.
The glue you used sounds like what we in the UK call Araldite. It normally works well but if you dont get the mix exactly right you can get the problems you seem to be having. If you find it still has not dried after a couple of days then you may have to strip it off :facepalm . I normally apply a little heat to it ( hairdrier ) to remove it when this happens at work but I am no expert with regards to resin so others may have other ideas. Good luck in any case(y) .
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