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Hey all. I found some gloves that worked fairly well for me after some pretty easy alterations and the addition of the white patches. I found the gloves at my local ACE Hardware. I don't know if you can make out the price on the tag but they were $6.79. I tried to find them on the ACE website but all that they had listed there was brown. Overall I have about $7.00 some material scraps, a pair of old socks , and a few hours in them. Here is how they started and ended up. They are not exactly accurate, but I think they'll do.

My Glovestag.JPG

My Gloves 022cropped.jpg

My Gloves altered.JPG

My Gloves patches.JPG

My Gloves 026smcropped.JPG

My Gloves 028cropped.JPG


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I don't know, I havent worn them for an extended period yet. However I'm used to it. I wear leather gloves when working on cars or riding my cycle. I don't imagine they will get too hot though the leather is fairly thin.
Also I forgot to say in the first post... I used the handy dandy dremel and a sanding drum to remove the ACE Hardware stemp on the back of the left glove. It's not completely gone but it is lighter and should be mostly covered by the gaunt.