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Hey all, rookie poster here. Anyway, looking to buy some Jango Gauntlets. I've seen Man of War talked about and Starr Fortress. I've found SFP but I can't seem to find MOW. Any other advice on gauntlets would be welcomed too. Thanks, JJ
Don´t order them to starfortress. They are too expensive and slooooooow sending the items. MOW gauntlets are quite better.
Another option is to transfrom boba gauntlets to jango gauntlets. That´s what I made, and gauntlets only costed me 75$ :p
It's hard to find Jango parts these days. I was very lucky with my finds, though the MR Westars still elude me, either for lack of availability or lack of money.

I have the MOW's. They are very, very nice, but a bit oversized. You're best bet is patience and daily scouring of the internet, especially ebay. Did I mention patience? Besides, it gives you time to save up for the pair you will never need to upgrade again.
here is MAN of WAR

you can PM him. He is very busy and has several orders backed up. Riffkintoy also has great gauntlets

mow gaunts.jpg
Yeah, Ruffkins are great gauntlets, you may just need to strengthen them with fibreglass though. He doesn't make Jango's, so you'll need to alter a set of his Boba's.
MOW's gauntlets are pretty amazing to look at, but they're definitely for larger, long-armed Jangos. As I recall, they're fiberglass, but correct me anyone if I'm wrong.

I have a pair of FP's gauntlets, and they fit my medium build like a charm.

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Bleahhh said:
any one has some auntlet tutorials?? I bought a gauntlet set...but no tutorial...

I´ve never seen any gauntlet tutorial... but i think is not much dificult to mount a gauntlet pack, just look for gauntlets pic and ask here if you has any question :)
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