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Please someone who can help read this and post something, ANYTHING to help me out...

I used Biomechanoids gauntlet tutorial, with all the pieces, and stuff, but got frustrated when some of the pieces weren't there or they didn't match up, etc.... *to biomed-i'm a newb and probably messed up*

Anywho, I got to the point, where I was hot glueing pieces together, because i thought that eventually, it will resemble a box with red and silver :lol: .... I have nothing underneath the gauntlets except a poorly bent piece of sentra, and it is very poorly attached to the gauntlet, and the gauntlet is poorly attached to my jumpsuit... i used velcro for the most part, should i keep adding velcro underneath to the point where my hand looses circulation of blood or should I say, "F it" and not take them... :cry

I will check this tomorrow morning and hopefully there will be some word of advice, or something- Premire is only 25 hours away!!:confused :confused :confused

Pre-empitve Thanks,
Josh Lang
HMMM...I'd love to offer a suggestion, but I'm afraid I don't quite follow what you're having problems with. I can say with some certainty, that hot glue is a poor choice for cementing your gauntlet halves together. I'm not familliar with bio-mech's kits or tutorials, but most folks use what is termed, the clamshel method. Basically, you cement the uper & lower halves of your gauntlets together on the outside portion with a strong adhesive. I always use the 2 part epoxy...get the stuff for plastic & fiberglass. That should work well on your sintra. It's best to use small c-clamps to hold the halves together while it dries if you can round some up. then, on the inside halves of the shells, you apply your velcro strips. this will hold the inside edge shut while you wear your gauntlets. Heres a really crummy pic of how it will look.....
As you can see, the inside of the gaunt...(by inside, I mean the open half is on the inside of your arm when wearing the gaunt) has velcro for closure, while the outside is glued solid. THink of it as a clam shell I guess;) with this method, the gauntlet should stay on your arm fairly well without the need for velcro anywhere else. Well, I dunno if I've confused you more or if that will help you or not. I hope so;) If you could post pics of yours it might give a better idea of what your trying to do. And yeah...when you're in a pinch & nothing is working, you can always add more velcro;)
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Sorry to hear that some of the pieces were missing or didn't line up from my templates. I made the templates from pics I had of mine that I built in Photoshop. If possible, could you let me know what was missing or out of place so that I might fix them.

I realize now that I did not include templates for the bottom of the gauntlets as well as the base for the top. I did this thinking that my arms are probably different in size that everyone elses and that each person could measure their own arms for those pieces, but I think I left this explination out of the templates.

As far as attaching the halves together, I first used velcro on both sides but found that it was difficult to put on and take off without the help of someone else. I have since upgraded to a hinge with magnets and it works great. I put the hinge on the inside (facing my body) with the magnets lining the inside of the outter egde.

I hope that some of this will be helpful to you and again I am sorry that my templates did not work out as well as they could have.

Good luck (y)
Put some foam on the insides as well to keep them from twisting and turing. That's what i did anyway.. And the hooese on the right gauntlet will make sure that the gauntlets themselves stay on..
I did no hoses on mine (YAY CUSTOM MANDO) but I did stick some foam inside to give it a snug fit. There is velcro to close the gauntlets (thanks Ruffkin) and it fits nice and comfy.
I used cupboard (spelling??) magnets inside of my gaunt. I riveted a hinge on the inside and the magnts on the opposite side (inside the gaunt) these magnets are ordinary magnets. Each can hold up to 8pounds of weight and i have two of them... so that should keep my gauntlets closed!
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