Gauntlet Template need!


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I need a good template for guantlets. My armor is coming along nice. I also need leg/shin and knee templates. Please help me.

Pels Wick
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That is an understatement! I cut out all of the pieces from this template for one of the gauntlets the other night. It took me forever. I am pretty creative but in the end, I was left with little pieces of Sintra that needed a hell of a lot of work to turn into gauntelets. If you have a lot of patience and a lot of time, you'll have good luck. -BUt be warned, this is not at all for beginners!!!

I said "Screw it" and bought some from the Cargo Hold. Lol


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I don't have the Gauntlet templates, but I do have the ones for the legs. Just click on my sig for White Noise Productions and then click the Star Wars page. You can download the templates from there by clicking "all sizes."

These templates came from Jodo Kast and are free to everyone since they are not my original work.