Gauntlet Switches - ROTJ

Jedi Bob

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I am about to drill the holes for the 2 gauntlet toggles on the right and the one on the left and just want to be 100% sure that they should be added as I do not see them on the MOM display photos and I can't really tell on the video of ROTJ.

All you ROTJ Fetts out there, have you all added the switches?

I have the 2 toggles on my right one and I do believe they were on the movie gauntlets. The MOM Fett did not have them though. As for the left gauntlet I don't think there is a toggle switch, from what I can tell it's a slide switch. Thats what I used and modified it to look like the real thing.
I've never seen a slider switch on the left ROTJ gauntlet.

Aside from the momentary switches out by the thrower, the dental expander, calc pad, and LED light near the back, the only thing left is odd, um, piece.
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