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Hi all,

I could use some help and pics on how the magnet attachment system works. As per BP's advice, I'm going Stanley Hinge with magnets and could use the proven help and method.

Thanks all, I really appreciate it. :)

Stay safe.

I too could use a little clarification.

I believe that the inner gauntlet has a hinge and the outer uses magnets. The magnets are glued flat against the inside of the top and bottom of the outside seam. When they come near to one another the sides attract and pull the gauntlet closed.

That's how I imagine it works, please someone clarify :)


First thing to do is countersink your hinges. Cut half of the width of the hinge into both halves of the gauntlets so there's no gap. Epoxy in the hinge and hold it in place with some C-clamps (one side at a time)

Then you can glue in the magnets one by one. Make sure you rough up the surface of both the magnet and the inside of the gaunt. I used clothspins to hold the magnets in place while the epoxy set up. (be careful as the magnets will want to attract and it can get messy when they are covered with epoxy)

Unless your magnets are stronger than mine, you'll need a backup closure. The hoses off the right gaunt will keep it from opening and falling off (make sure one of the hose connectors is attached to the bottom clamshell)

For the left gaunt (mine is ROTJ with no hoses) I have one small piece of velcro that keeps the two halves from popping open.

LMK-If you have any other Q's.

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the heads up. Very helpful. :)

Have you got some pics on what your magnet's look like? Please LMK and thanks!

Stay safe.


The magnets were 1/4" hobby magnets. Very strong, and they came in a pack of 10. I ended up using 14 on each gaunt so pick up 3 packs. You can see them in the second pic of my earlier post (with only 10 magnets at the time)


Thanks again. Will be hitting the hardware store tomorrow to see if I can pick up those magnets. :)

Stay safe.

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