Gauntlet Laser?


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I cant remember, I dont have a VCR so I cant watch the movie but doesn't Boba Fett fire on Luke on the skiff platform with some sort of laser from his gauntlets? Or did He draw his sidearm? I was thinking about gutting a stormtrooper gun and adding a button with sound, I just cannot remember what side or where, or maybe it was a dream.
Nope no dream. He did fire at Luke. The left gaunt has the laser on it. it is the what is commonly called missile/rocket. I think it was originally supposed to be a laser and because it looks like a rocket every one thought that's what it was. i have a pic posted here somewhere i will post if i find it.:D
Indeed he did shoot at luke.

P.S man i hated that part boba is out of action and the movies goes back to the jedi's why!
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