Gauntlet Laser Housing Assembly


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I started these this weekend, but I'm trying to determine the best place to install the barrel housing wall.

For those that have RKT's kit, at what point in the model did you glue the wall?


Much obliged. :)
Hey guys, I have a set of Ruffkintoys and did them like answer B, flush with the top indentation. :) Hope this helps.

Remember that the tip's of the lasers have to be able to show jut a bit if you look at them from the view of your diagram.

Check out the pictures of my gauntlets somewhere in here.
Thanks for the help, guys! Here's what I finally did:

1) I used a Dremel to cut the rear ends of the resin pieces flat, one slightly longer than the other.
2) Using the sander bit, I edged the piece, in order to make a slightly smaller diameter on the rear of the pieces.
3) I glued the barrels BACKWARDS into the brace, where barrel tips now rest against the brace.
4) I glued the Radio Shack connector pieces to the onto the sanded back ends of the barrel pieces (now the front).

Tonight, I'm going to paint the assembly gunmetal and silver and let dry. I'm also going to paint the inside of the front housing, so I won't have to paint around the barrels later.

After these parts dry, I'm going to JB-Weld the assembly, using the 'B' version above. So far, it looks pretty good.
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