Gar Saxon


New Hunter

honey looks real good
m visor.PNG

not my website --- just where i got mine from for my wip

hope this helps


New Hunter
Lol I meant more along the lines of how the light activates. Those are nice though, I was contemplating getting the honey for awhile on my custom build and adding lights just inside the rim. But I'm a perfectionist sometimes and as far as I know, tech that lights up a visor like that and lets you still see doesn't exist

Mythos Fenn

Nope and to be honest, being able to see a full strip of LEDs inside the visor just looks tacky to me. That being said, light up visors also seems like a poor tactile decision. That whole episode of the chase in the sewers kept making me think - "How are they not being able to see all these lit up visors in a dark sewer system" lol


New Hunter
working on this ---
used a flexible amber strip meant for my motorcycle forks
mounting above the visor with a presser switch at the crown of the helmet hidden in the padding
had to step down from 12v to 9v
still playing around with it
to see how clear my vision would be