Front Thigh Pockets


Sr Hunter
Hello, I'm trying to convert my Dickies jumpsuit into a canon Fett, and I was wondering what the dimensions were of the front pockets that go on the thighs.


I drew up plans for both the pockets and the belt pouches a while back, but never got around to adding dimensions or formating them. If you can wait a day or so I can provide you a PDF file for the patterns.

Let me know if you interested.


I have the beta versions of the pocket and pouch patterns ready for those who wamt them. Please PM me with your e-mail and I'll send them right out to you.


P.S. And a couple of other little surprises.
Canon is a term used meaning "accurate." A canon Fett would be one that is 100% movie accurate, being that Boba's helmet was green, and the 501st would not accept a pink Fett becuase he was not "canon."
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