Free Back Armor - I'll pay the shipping!!

Jodo Kast 2749

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Ok, so I lied. However, I am offering my revised back armor templates to any and all who want them. They come in 4 sizes and are scaled to match the collars from my other "Kastalorian Blueprints" and can be printed out on 8.5" x 11" sheets.


The free shipping part was true. I'll email them to whoever wants them. (An email had already been sent to those who had asked before now) Just reply here or PM me.
You've got mail!

On that note, any and all feedback on my templates would be greatly appreciated. My knee armor templates need an overhaul badly I know.
LOL...jeez.. If I had a doller for everytime someone asked me that.. Ok, well I might have $2.. No, not a relative that I know of.. It would be kind of "not right" looking at the sight if she was. Thanks for the Temps.

Well, another member had commented that not all Fetts come in the same size. Add to that that I'm pretty decent with MS Word and making my own templates. I'm just happy to be of some use to the community which has been such a great resource to me. Once again, any suggestions and / or criticisms of the templates would be good to have so I can improve them for everyone.

If you think of it, you guys are like my beta testers. lol
The templates look pretty good, They were easy to print and put together. I like the size options as well. Now I need some sintra;)
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