? for those using Winsor & Newton Fluid


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Just wanting to find out if anybody has any tips for using this? It seems to work really well, but the only problem I have with using it is tht it seems very "liquidy". Its not that it runs or anything, yet when I apply it it seems to want to shrink up into itself.

I'm not sure if this is because of the smooth chrome painted surface I'm applying it to or if I'm not using it correctly.



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It will contract some as it dries. If you apply thin coats, you can just build them out to where you want them to be. Thats what I did when I used it.


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Well I'm not really talking about when it dries. I'm talking about while applying it. While brushing it out to the border that I wanted it at when I would pull the brush away the liquid would contract back on itself and leave no latex residue where I had just brushed it out to.


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It sounds like the surface you are working with. Wet sand with some 1500-2000 before you apply, you shouldn't have any trouble polishing that out afterwards. If you don't have any sandpaper that high then use a tooth paste(not gel) and scrub it with that before you apply.



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I agree with Novall Talon: apply a couple (if not 3) coats. As you build it up, you'll be able to get it to go where you want it to go.

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