Food Preserver vacuum for Clear Resin?


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Has anybody ever used one of the food vacuum preserver systems to eliminate bubbles in clear resin casting?

I was flipping through the channels the other day and came upon the Ronco (Oh, Ron Popeil! What will you invent next?!?) food vacuum. It comes with cannisters to put food in and the vacuum sealer attaches to that cannister via a hose.

Watching a few minutes of this infomercial gave me the idea.

Would this work? I can get one locally at Meijer, but I was kinda looking for some feedback about this before I went out to plunk down money on an idea that won't work.

It seems to me that the vacuum should do it seeing as how its supposed to eliminate air, but I know the traditional method for eliminating bubbles in clear resin is a pressure pot.

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Somebody at least tell me to go jump off a cliff or something.

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I really don't know how you would accomplish this. For the air bubbles to be sucked out, the resin could not be fully cured, and if the resin is not fully cured it would get sucked through the vacuum.
Right the resin would not be cured, yet.

A 3/4 quart container comes with the kit that a vacuum hose attaches to the top of, mind you this is a fairly small hose (probably 1/4 inch) and this is not a super powerful system. It's just meant for the purposes of household vacuum sealing of food.

So I would think that you could put the mixed A and B resin parts in a container inside the cannister, vacuum out the air, causing bubbles to rise to the top of the resin mix and burst. Take that out of the "vacuum chamber", then pour the resin mix into your mold and then place the mold itself inside the "chamber" vacuum again and let cure.
I think it's going to be one of those instances where you just have to try it out....sounds like no one here has done this before. The concept sounds workable though.
those seem pretty light weight. What about a motor out of an old vacuum cleaner. Maybe a little too much though. I should give it a try, I've got 3 of them in the storage room and hardwood floors in the whole house.
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