Fogging Issue

I reckon it's a worthwhile thread to sticky/pin actually, never mind delete :)

A lot of my players at FireFight have fogging problems with their paintball masks or shooting glasses - and motorbike antifog doesn't always work.
We never did figure out why not - Perhaps some people's sweat / breath condensation's just not compatible with the brand? :)

Anyway, some other solutions include:

Washing up detergent, wiped across the lens and left to dry.
Lemon juice - likewise.

I'm sure other folk use other things... One guy swears by spitting in his mask!
The clear liquid dish soap works great on a hockey visor . The spitting thing .... it's ok , but used quite often while scuba diving can cause the odd eye infection . Who knows what you've got going on in there .I used liquid soap on my Vader this year and it worked great . Just have to make sure you rub it in good until it goes clear but not too much that you take it all off . Trust me's cold up here in October !!

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