First Sintra Armor (pics!)


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So here's my first set of sintra armor...I used wizardoflight's templates. (Thank you!!)

The shoulders are finished except for the "bantha" skull on the left, but I haven't been able to get my hands on any US Med. green, so the chest looks very Jango. I already applied the masking fluid to the chest so it will be ready to paint when the time comes.
Comments? Any tips?
Thanks everyone!



VERY NICE ARMOUR!!! But you should give the shoulder bells a little more curve :) They'd be like plates on your shoulders. Are you going to add the dents? I didn't add them to mine, I just painted them on. I didn't want to ruin my armour :). It also looks like the knees could use a little more curve, and if you have any more sintra you could cut out pieces and glue them onto the rest of the rocket dart part of the knees, that parts looks extremely fragile and I wouldn't want to have it snap off while walking around at an event!!!
Outstanding armor. I was just wondering though about how to round out the edges. Right now, my armor's edges are really rough, and I have been sanding them, but it only makes it worse. I've tried many things, but it remains rough, and squarish. What can I do to help make it round off, and smooth?

Thanks for the tips GCNgamer128. :)
I'm not too sure about the thickness of the lip on the edge of the actual armor...some people say that it is very rounded while others say that it has a defined edge. Hopefully one of the experts can clarify this...?
I took a fine grain sandpaper to the edge of mine, so that it wouldn't injure people if they touched the edge. (Freshly cut sintra is so sharp!) Does it need to be rounded more?
The knees were an extremely good idea, but they would be incredibly fragile sticking out like that. He should build onto the back of them to strengthen them. I might just build up my kneese like that! Mine are just flat.
where did you find sintra? ive looked at hardware places like home depot and menards but cant find it there. i havnt tried hobby places yet. Should i just order it online?
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