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First up, thanks for having me on this fine site, been a guest off and on for a year or so now.

I am a novice (read: total clueless n00b) prop/model maker and want to scratch build fiberglass Star Wars helmets. My real “Dream” is to make a representation of all the masked SW characters. But I have decided to start with Boba for two reasons: Absolute coolness and what appears to be the simplest design to start with.

Anyways, my real question here is about dimensions. I will be primarily working from photos and my Riddell 45% scale helmets to sculpt my proof as I have ZERO access to accurate replicas (or any replicas for that matter). Working from pics is just fine, but I need some accurate reference specs to calculate the rest.

I know TK409 has some reference dimensions, but they are incomplete and really just cover the detailed features. I could use these as a starting reference to calculate the rest, but before I do this I wanted to know if there was a more complete (and hyper accurate) set of specs out there, including angles if possible.

I am most interested in the ESB version btw of the Fett helmet.

Thanks in advance for any data or resources you can provide.
:cheers right on!

Well when you get your project started be sure to post your progess with pictures....we love pictures here!

I suggest buying the Fett reference cd at "" It has a vast # of photo's from the movie along w/ photo's from the MoM exibit and more.....
yep, plus save yourself a grip load of time making screen grabs if you even have the capabilities. Well worth it in my opinion!
theres a bunch of info on this site, mostly scattered from age, but you can still find it, theres refernce photos from the actual costume, movie accurate replicas with people measuring them on the photo to help everyone understand, great detail descriptoins and so forth, if you search results dont give you anything, try rephrasing it, most use "bucket" instead of helmet and most measurements are in milimeters, not inches.
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