Finished Zam in time for Hallowe'en

Dustin Crops Boy

Well-Known Hunter

what? were you excepting me to actually have the costume finshed? :lol:
I was like NO WAY... I hadn't sent OOOOHhhh.. :lol:

So what the heck are portrait pumpkin thingamajigs? Like that is way awesome, but is that just a photoshopped layout on top of the pumkin? I don't get it...
Dang! that is Awesome! did you take a pic, enlarge it then pattern it back on to the pumkin? or did you free hand carve that? Without tracing?
Thats AWESOME!!! Youre a true artist DCB - I hope you dont mind i posted your pic up on my garrison board as for some reason we are posting pictures of pumpkins LOL.

Whats the one next to Zam?
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