Finished MS Fett Helmet (Pic Intensive)


New Hunter
Well it's been a long time coming but I think I've finally finished. Whew!
This is a Marrow Sun helmet with an updated MS rangefinder and an aluminum mast. Thanks for all the great info on this forum! :)







Very nice, I like that you even added the repaired crack detail on the left (when wearing it ) visor area. But it looks like you forgot the blue marker mark on the back.
Thanks for all the nice comments! :)

I got this helmet from MS about 3 years ago just after our daughter was born. Large blocks of free time were hard to come by, so it's difficult to say just how long it took to paint. I started painting it about a year ago. I did a little hear and a little there. I retaped and repainted the red several times because I couldn't get the color right. But I do know the battle damage, the ear graphics minus the small details (these were decals) and weathering took around 20 hours.

Predatormv: I've debated on the blue marker on the back of the helmet. I don't really like it but I suppose I should add it so it's accurate.
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