Finished Mandalorian

I have to admit...some of you people do awesome jobs when it comes to your custom mandalorians...and this is no exception!!! Great pick with the colors and I have to say I really am impressed with your utility belt. Can I ask...what did you use for a base for the belt? Would really like to hear the building process you used in making that piece. Keep up the good work!
Thank you for the many compliments everyone! I have to congrat everyone who can replicate the movie versions to every last detail. Now that is some serious dedication and talent! Doing your on thing - you're only confined to your imagination.

The belt is police issue and the pouches are a couple of ammo, beeper and cell phone. The larger pouch is a fanny pack, located in the back, that hides the voice amp. It has armor on top of it to blend it in. The canisters are pvc caps and connector peices. I have a stormtrooper neck seal and a pair of goth/industrial boots that I had laying around. The under suit is a pair of Kung Fu pants (cotton) and an UNDERARMOR long sleeve top. The vest and kama (commando skirt) are a fake leather/pleather material that someone made for me. Okay, it was my mom but she did a great job! The cape is a med. black cotton material. The armor is sintra. (Jango style but I added blast points etc...) The blaster is a KENNER stormtrooper type - Heavly modified with a new scope, extended tip, buttons etc... The helmet is a fiberglass MH a prop builder made and the guantlets are a plastic/resin material also from a well known prop builder. Somewhere on this board is my work in progress pics.
Looks great...I'm not usually one for customs,but this one has a very fluid look to it the way things come together ......I'm liking the paintjob as well. (y)

Yeah man, that looks really good. I especiallly like the one with you and chatterers. How long did it take you to make? And where did you get the helmet and gauntlets from?
Thank you!

I started searching/gathering the items since August and finshed 2 weeks before Halloween. The helmet is a Boba Fett - MSH FG bought on EBAY, needed a little work plus repaint. I believe the seller still post some helmets there currently. The guantlets came from a link from TK409 (vistit the site). Those guys were great to work with. Thanks again!

Chatters was just a guy at a club that my wife and I went to on Halloween. Not to many were in costume, but it was a goth night so maybe they were. We were the only ones in "extreme" costumes.

I plan on painting my armor along the same colour sceam I was debating wether to do it or not but now there is no dout its what I want thanks man
I don't get into customs that much either, but yours had me staring and picking out all the little details for quite a while. Awesome job man! You don't need any excuse to wear that bad boy out! Just do it (insert nike swoosh here)!
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