finally its here .......................and its to darn ugly

secol FETT

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ok remember my idea to make a custome desert mandalore :facepalm
well, before that i need work a lot with my "new(used)" helmet.

and this thing its to but to damn ugly
it make me sick :puke

if im not wrong its a rubies helmet because is made with soft vinyl, the only good thing is the right ear :facepalm

well no more words and check the pics :cry

<img src=>
im :( sad
Done be sad dude, do what I did to mine! Im converting it slowly!
And for that flat head...all you need to do is turn on your oven, place it close to the oven and wait until the top of the helmet gets soft..then bend!!
:facepalm Yeah, Secol, it IS a bit off. But I think with a bit of work you can get it to look fine for your custom. There's the macrame hoop trick for one, and a couple braces here and there, and a full visor.....I think just that will help tremendously. Don't despair, carnal. This can work. :)
Oven man...just turn your oven on...mine was a little warped like pic5 (because of storage), and i heated it up by placing it on the open oven door until it softened.
hey man we have a service for it along with my rubies masterpiece!



note the beautiful crack along the earpiece! has a matching one on the opposite side!

I bought that same crappy helmet for $30. I think I paid too much for it. I just gave it a quick paint job to make it look better. My DP '97 is a much better helmet.
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hmm..its kinda sad...but seeing what u guys can do in TDh..i think its not too much of a problem...more work and a little more patience...

but i must say most DPs are better...and i'm doing up mind..

so stay on and do the bounty hunter!! we're all behind u!!
Did UPS re-hire Ace Ventura to do deliveries again?

Well, on the good side of things you'll most likely be re-doing that helmet anyway. I'm just trying to cheer you up a little.:D
Is that a newer run of the Rubies Boba Helmet?
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woah... :facepalm
My 1st. bucket was a 97 DP (I didn't keep it long and used fiberglass buckets since).
Here is a pick of a 97 DP helmet:




I prefer fb buckets now because of such problems... I don't know if that can be fixed but if you are going to keep it you will have some work ahead of you. I would at least attempt fixing it before you chuck it unless your mind is already made up.
Dude, Thats Sucks in the worst way. I know you probly heard this but put it on ebay and try to break even.
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