Finally finishing my jango build


New Hunter
I've had most of my parts for years but I'm finally getting around to finishing it.

  • Helmet - NME props small, painting in progress
  • Armor - DHPFX small size vac formed
    • still need to make shoulders
  • Knees - ordered from bobamaker
  • Gauntlets - 3D printing in progress
  • Flightsuit
    • Need to take it to my tailor and get the short sleeves added on and buttonholes made for the knees and lower leg armor
    • also need to remove all the pockets
  • vest - ordered from bobamaker
  • jetpack - 3D printing, haven't started yet
    • need to figure out how to mount it
  • westars - 3D printing, haven't started yet
  • girth belt and holsters - from a local leather worker
  • gloves - not sure where I got them but they're navy blue leather
  • boots - crow
  • paint: I've sourced almost all my paint, just need to swing by home depot for the last color I need for my jetpack.
I'm having difficulty locating exactly which switches and buttons I'm supposed to get for my gauntlets. Could anyone help me with that?

Photos are potato quality because of yellow-ish indoor lights.








New Hunter
I've made a fair bit of progress recently. My helmet has it's paint on, it just needs dirt and the stripes. Paint isn't perfect on my helmet so I'm hoping the dirt hides the imperfections. It looks pretty good from a few feet away though. Lighting also hides the dent on the helmet. My jetpack needs a little bit more sanding and priming and then it'll be ready for paint. I have all the greeblies for my gauntlets, just need to assemble them. Sorry for slightly potato quality photos, I do all my work at night and my phone doesn't like the lighting.

unnamed (3).jpg

unnamed (2).jpg

unnamed (1).jpg

unnamed (4).jpg