Filling the Fett dent in a cold cast...


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What do you recommend to fill the classic Fett dent in a cold cast helmet? I Was thinking bondo or bondo putty but since this is my first cold cast helmet I wanted to double check.

Looking forward to sharing my progress but at this point it is gonna be awhile. Works keeps tearing me away.


You could use two part epoxy Magic Sculpt. Seeing as how the dent is kind of deep I would start with the sculpt to fill the majority
of the space then after drying(at least over night) finish with Bondo if necessary. While still soft a wet finger or small brush dipped in water will smooth it nicely. The sculpt does file and sand well and you might not need
anything else but primer over it. I've used it many times to fill and build up bad casting problems. Works very well.
Like all fillers start with a roughed up surface for a good hold.
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If I fill a dent. I typically drill 3 holes to have extra good hold for the filler. Not just roughing up inside the dent but also having holes makes it REALLY tough to remove. I have removed the filler from a dentless helmet before and this way makes it a lot harder lol.


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Yeah deff completely remove the cold casting surface because it'll for sure make a super weak connection for the bondo if it's left on. Hopefully you don't want to have any exposed metal there though, as it might be a challenge to color match any metallic paint to it.

Also good thing to help a lot with the bondo sanding is to take a knife or a cheese grater and shave some of it off while it's still psuedo-soft, saves a lot of time and sandpaper later.