fiberglass carving precautions?

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Ok I have a jet pack made out of resin with fiberglass filling.. I want to grind the fiberglass out with a grinder wheel on my drill then clean up with my dremel.. will I need to wear a dust mask?.. do I need to cover up.. just asking as I know fiberglass itches.. any suggestions is appreciated.. thanks.
Oh Yeah, you'll need to cover up. You will need a respirator, not just a dust mask. Think about breathing in a bunch of glass shards, Asbestos is similar. Basically the glass in the air gets imbedded in your lung tissue, then scar tissure forms over it... ruins your lungs ;) I would cover up completely... but I'm a bit weary about it myself and may be over reacting. I usually wore long sleeves, covered my head, GOGGLES, respirator, and showered afterward. If you can, do it outside so the dust thins out, if you do it inside, the dust stays in the air and collects like a cloud.
Does washing your clothes like normal afterwards get rid of any of the pieces that may collect on the clothing fibers?
I usually just washed my clothes like normal, but you can get those paper coveralls that are used in a spray booth. If I was doing any type of surface sanding, I would try to wet sand to eliminate any dust.
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