Fiberglass and Vinyl a bad combo?



This is my first post here, but have been lurking for a few months. Last year I built my first set of armor, and started out with the sad Rubies helmet. This year Due to waiting till the last minute, and not being able to find a good fiberglass helmet I am forced to be stuck with the rubies attrocity. So to make things work alittle better, I have stripped the helmet, am in the process of painting it, and have come to the reinforcing part of the job.

I bent it , and used a rod last year to help keep its shape but I really would like to do one better. So I guess what I am looking to find out before I totally screw up my project is Will Fiberglass, attack the vinyl that the helmet is made of?

If so what other ways are there to reinforce this helmet.

Thanks for the help
fiberglass wont stick to vinyl, what will happen it when it cures in the helmet you will set it down or something and it will just pop out without warning. Its like resin epoxy, it will just pop off of vinyl because it doesnt flex to hot and cold temp. and the helmet material does.

Best just to leave it be and do not invest any more money than you have to if you want fiberglass. I know rubies are really flimsy, but the DP 95 and 96 and the same material but thicker and not that much more, fiberglass is the best though I want one myself after halloween.
Hello !

May name is Jay and I am responding to your post. If you have the funds, I would purchase a fiberglass helmet through Richies Armor! The quality is beyond anyone expectations. I know because I have one.


p.s. I notice your email is Cox Communications - - -I sent a resume for a Graphic design position in Atlanta today b'fore I saw this post. . . Strange.
Thanks for all the help guys..
I have contacted Richies armor, but havent gotten a response back yet. I live about 20 minutes from him so that could work out great if he has some ready to go.

Thanks again
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