FG helmet question


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I just bought a FG helmet. What should I do with the inside? In some places it is smooth and in other places it is not. I don't feel like cuting my skull.


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Take some rough grit sandpaper (100 or less) and sand the rough areas down, then use higher grits (150-600) until you get it as smooth as you want it. This worked for my helmet. I'd recommend wearing a dust mask and eye protection as FG dust is a very nasty thing to inhale, and you definately don't want to get it in your eyes.

Jaster Mereel

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I'd have to say Sandpaper as well, even though a dremal is a great tool, it's just that one slip of the dremal & there goes a precious piece cut right down your FG helmet. Just take the time & sand'er down... good luck -