FG Armor with 15% Discount - INTERESTED?


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I have had lots of people asking if I will be selling the knee armor together with the other pieces. So I have decided to postpone this current offer until after the holidays (everyone's got presents to buy!) when I will have sculpted the knees and can then offer a COMPLETE set of Fibreglass Armor at a reduced price.

<font color=blue>8 Jan 05 : I am almost done with the knee armor, I will be posting pics this weekend.
i am looking to build them all over the Christmas break. I can be turning out about 1 per week. First-come-first-served basis.

To the best of my knowledge the package with all the bubble wrap, paper and fibreglass comes to about 3kg. This means the postage to the States will be $64.00. If it's less than this I will refund the difference to your PayPal accounts, can't say fairer than that!


BobaFettish wrote:

Does that discount apply to the side pouches, too?

I will certainly be offering other items at discounted prices for TDH members, watch this space.
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I love your stuff, BM. Best I've seen in a long time!

I will definately be interested in some or all of your pieces after the new year, so keep me updated.
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I'm definitely interrested in picking up some of your stuff in the new year as well.
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Just finished re-modelling the back armor because I picked up some better reference pics, I am really pleased with the result. I may do a couple of full sets over the Christmas break ready for next year.
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Looks like I need to swap out my Sintra armor for some sweet bobamaker armor!!!!

I love my visor replacement! I need the improved visibility of bobamaker's due to all the steam from my sweat! A+ product!

bobamaker wrote:

Luther-X wrote:

how much for the whole shabang? (armor front knees back etc.)

Do you want the armor before I get the list going in the new year? Prices are all on my website. Please drop me a mail if you are genuinely interested and want a shipping cost.

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