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MinuteFett purchased molds from FettPride and the right to call himself FettPride, but when he did so he paid for those rights. He didn’t inherit the outstanding list of orders to be made right.

But MF then decided that he wanted to take care of the people that the original FettPride had wronged. He had a thread going here until he was banned last year.

He got a lot of people the stuff that FettPride (Chris) owed them at his own expense - usually charging them shipping only. He made no money from doing that - instead he essentially lost money in his time and supplies.

He was doing it to take care of this community when it wasn’t something he had to do and something I’ve never heard of any other vendors doing before.

I’m sorry that FettPride (Chris) ripped you off, but MinuteFett doesn’t owe anyone what Chris took payment for. It looks like he made you that offer almost a year ago.

I can’t imagine that he will forever be righting Chris’ wrongs.


Hi I’m Bobert!
Sorry to hear you've also been ripped off Benkenove but I don't see how it's anyone's fault besides Fett Pride's. From what I hear MinuteFett is having a hard enough time fulfilling his own order let alone anyone else's backlog. Seems he now only bought the "Rights" to the name "Fett Pride" but also the business model.

I hope you didn't lose your MR Helmet. There's plenty of other vendors to continue your Fett costume!


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I actually lost it... Is part of the deal I had with FP... I sent it to FP back in the days... so not only I lost money, but I also lost the MR helmet.
That MR was the one he torn apart, and modded ..... so imagine how f***ed up I feel now....

And yeah, I know there are a lot of vendors... but that doesn't take the feeling off that I must spend a lot of money ONCE AGAIN... when I think about it, I get really pissed off.....

Terry Poe

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I’ve been waiting for jet pack which completed purchase in 2019. ESB jet pack would be here to me feb 2020. I’m not sure what happened, I purchased the EE3 gun and holster gun. I also purchased the esb armor which delivered 2017 Everything was great, sending pictures etc , some delays but always delivered when said. Guess I’m the last victim to lose money. The was the last piece I need to complete ESB Boba. So frustrating when so close and this happens